Is There Any Hope For TV Meteorologists?
James Spann

Very well said. I think actually this very thing can be said for a lot of professions and areas that have gone from an expertise level to one where the mass of humanity considers anyone who can open an app a meteorologist, or a whatever. I use my chosen art/gift in photography and have seen such mass changes over 30 years where now anyone who owns a cell phone is a “photographer.”

Of course anyone who knows what it takes to produce a quality image, to tell a quality story, knows it takes more than a cell phone camera. And because there actually is a difference there will always be a need for high quality photographers, but you have to work at it, a lot!

I’ve enjoyed following your career, living in Dallas when you were on the air and then moving to Birmingham at almost the same time. I remember thinking how great it was to get to move from one city to another and get to keep my local meteorologist! Whole industries have drastically changed due to all things internet, it’s created confounding challenges, but you’ve also become (one of the) “nation’s local meteorologists” and that’s just amazing. S