Get uncomfortable to take action

How many rags to riches stories have you come across, and wondered why you can’t achieve that level of success if you have more to start with anyhow?

I once heard a story about a frog in hot water, you know the one put the frog in water and heat it slowly and it won’t jump out, but if you put it directly into the hot water it out of there. This is why people don’t change their situation, because it slowly changes to where they are now, while they manage to keep their head above water for long enough catch a breath, they don’t realise they are drowning already.

We need to be more aware of what our situations really represent, if we have a level of comfort in any situation we won’t be driven to take action. That’s why the rags to riches stories are there, the people in them were so uncomfortable with their current situation and made changes. Anthony Robins will tell you to never leave a decision without taking action. If you want to be moving forward, I believe it comes down to this:

1) Take stock. What is happening that is causing stress or frustration? What is the long term outcome from this current situation if nothing changes?

2) Look for options. Out of the frying pan into the fire? Don’t just jump, make changes from choices, brainstorm options.

3) Look for framework. Why jump out of the building if there is a ladder there to use? Find support for your situation, not sympathizers but support.

4) Set one goal. Not just using the smart goal framework, goals need to be personal if you are going to accomplish it. If you don’t write it down and start it’s just a wish.

If you don’t set a standard for yourself to be measured against how will you know what uncomfortable looks like? Find the line in the sand, and don’t move it move yourself when you are at that line.

The next thing for you to do.

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