Caitlin Johnstone should be nominated for a Pulitzer.

As I have said before, I am not a journalist, nor do I pretend to be. Why? Because I am stating my opinion and this is inherently biased. I am not interviewing people. I am not trying to give both sides of the story. I am stating my thesis and backing it up with what I am reading from consistently reliable media sources. I am inviting conversation.

Does that mean I don’t take other opinions into consideration? No. But as a commentator, I am an interpreter, not a reporter. I work with my own ability to interpret what I see and read. I don’t create the narrative. I respond to it. That is the difference between an opinion piece and a journalistic article. A journalistic article offers interpretation of events based on primary source material collected by interviews, documents, leaks, etc. In all of this, they are working with materials and people directly connected to the event itself. Journalism does not rely on second hand accounts. It goes to the sources of the story.

This person does not do that. She uses articles to argue with articles. She starts with her opinion. It is an interpretation. She does not make any attempt to see another side to a story other than putting it into her own words in order to refute it. That is an opinion writer, not a journalist.

There is value in both forms of communication, but they each have separate goals they want to achieve. Journalism is about presenting a narrative based on primary source material and first hand accounts. Journalism does not take a side. It lets the reader decide. On the other hand, opinion writing is persuasive. It is bias speaking to bias. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I have no problem with Johnstone stating her opinion. I don’t agree with it. It is hyperbolic and not based in any reality I am familiar with. What I have a problem with is her pretense of being a journalist. That is my opinion. Feel free to disagree.