How Left is Left?

This is what happens when extremes think they are mainstream

It was a conspiracy theory that was even embraced by Jill Stein. The Syrian conflict was about American oil interests. It was a set up to take sovereignty out of the hands of the “elected” government of Bashir al Assad and put it hands more amenable to Americas need for cheap gas. So, basically, all of the raping, killing and genocide is not Assad’s doing. It’s a frame up.

Now it is rampant in some leftist circles and seems to be popular with several writers I’ve read on Medium. One writer in particular has taken it too far. She published a column today basically making fun of people who see Assad for what he is, a stone cold monster. I won’t quote this person, mainly because I blocked her and I don’t want to give her any free press. But I do want to address those like her who are passing this stuff off as fact and calling themselves progressives.

If you are going to be tasteless, please go all out. There is no law against anyone being an asshole. I mean, if you find it acceptable to defend Bashir al Assad in your conspiracy choked columns, you have every right to do that. But, do us all a favor and turn in your human card. You obviously don’t need it.

I am disgusted with some of those on the fringes of the left, or the alt.left as one writer describes them, that have decided to bring us to a glorious paradise by paving the way with tasteless humor about dead babies and genocide while smugly asserting their superiority to all us “neoliberals.” I think you’ve kind of missed the point of what liberalism is all about.

I can’t take it anymore. Those of you who are pushing the idea that Hilary stole the election from Bernie and a person was murdered because he was leaking emails to Wikileaks have lost any credibility you may have had. Now I am seeing these articles touting the virtues of Putin and Assad? Really?

How does this jibe with progressive values? How does this square with looking out for the poor and needy? Last I checked, these were at the core of progressive values, not defending genocidal maniacs and murderers. If this is “woke” I’m going back to bed.

I am a progressive and I believe in working with anyone who will work with me in helping people. But I draw the line at clowns who think there is a CIA plot around every corner and the “deep state” is controlling everything from the media to the weather. Give me a break.

This is indicative of just how much American society is built on privilege. Privilege that you don’t live in a war zone. Privilege that your suburb has a Whole Foods. Privilege that you don’t have to look at brown and black people in your enclaves of beautiful lawns and good schools.

Beyond this is the fact that many in America are spoiled. They believe they are justified in ignoring human suffering because it is not happening to them or because it doesn’t jibe with their politics. They believe they can cut off foreign aid because we don’t need to be interventionists. They believe America First and whether you admit it or not, some of you leftys are no better than the alt.right.

So if you want to act like them, why not be them? Stop saying you are progressives and just be you. Go ahead and pull out your secret Pepe the Frog memes. Start using SJW, snowflake and cuck. Shake Richard Spencer’s hand instead of punching him in the face and say pleased to meet you. Let’s talk about taking over the world.

Whether you are a neocommie or a supposed antifascist playing ninja I have news for you. You’re not helping. You are shaping how America sees the left and it’s got to stop. I am not down with either the alt.right or the alt.left trashing this country in the name of some conspiracy fueled wet dream.

Hate, in whatever form it takes is hate. Trolls have no political party. This insanity has to end.

People need to grow the hell up and start acting their age and not their shoe size as the late great Prince advised. Grown ups don’t act like this. They understand complexity and nuance and they understand the value of listening before speaking. They understand that calling for agreement in all things is also called tyrrany.

It’s easy to hate. It’s easy to use politics as a bludgeon. But the preferable path is through love. It’s public service and finding common ground. It’s understanding the value of compromise and working toward an ultimate goal while doing the most good you can in the meantime. The apostle Paul made an interesting statement. He said, “I have become all things to all people that I might save some.” I take that to mean, I have listened to all opinions and have tried to empathize and learn so that I can help more people. It starts with making the effort to understand and then act out of that place and not a place of ignorance and disregard. Which is preferable? Domination? Cooperation? I know what I think.

So progressives, liberals, moderates, conservative, however you identify, let’s get together an work this shit out. Because what we are doing now just ain’t cutting it and I’m sick to death of it. Aren’t you?

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