I am One of the Liberal Elite

Let me tell you about me, a liberal elitist. I am a child of a single parent who worked in a textile mill to feed three boys. She never made above $8 an hour in her life and when she was unable to perform her job up to the standard the mill bosses required, she was tossed out like a piece of garbage to fend for herself on no pension, with five years before she was eligible for social security. It took her three tries to get disability.

This liberal elitist lives in a rented 90 year old mill house with his wife and grown kids. We have a leak under the sink that has caused mold. We have a hole in our bathroom floor because water compromised the wood and basically disintegrated it. We have carpet rolling up in the bedroom, an iffy furnace and lots of medical debt because I have to take lots of medication to keep me from going crazy.

I am an educated poor person who lives hand to mouth because I can’t work and my wife’s salary just doesn’t cover everything. So if you think all liberal elites sit in nice homes and judge the world that they could never understand, I hope this will disabuse you of that notion.

It is possible to be liberal because you understand what it means to be poor. We don’t ask for a $15 minimum wage, universal healthcare, free college tuition and a strong safety net because we want free stuff. We demand these things because thanks to corporate greed we can’t afford to live in America. Thanks to a job market that is full of jobs that don’t pay enough to feed your family, maybe we understand the need for a country that has compassion, that looks out for one another and creates an environment where the American Dream is possible for everyone.

This liberal elitist watched as mill owners allowed their workers to blame other races for taking their jobs and promotions in a cynical effort to disguise how poorly they treat their workers all in the name of profits.

So understands, it is possible for a poor, struggling liberal to view the world differently based on the same circumstances as you white working class Trumpites. The difference between you and me is you have no compassion. But please, accept the narrative you’re being told from above you. Let yourself be dictated a story that says, the brown people are taking your jobs and we need a wall to keep them out.

Please continue to live in ignorance to the fact that the victors write history and what they tell you is based on what they can get out of you. You can talk about the lying media all you like, but the liars are the people who take your soul to make a living off your back.

So the next you say the liberal elites are out of touch with working people, I want you to think of me. I dare you to tell me I’m out of touch with working people. I dare you.

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