White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

I must admit, I never thought of it from this perspective. I think this article highlights how difficult it is for whites, even sympathetic whites, to understand the African American experience in America.

I do find myself often getting caught up in the idea that if we all just get along and talk civilly to each other everything could be worked through, common ground could be found and unity achieved. It’s the pastor in me.

Throughout this whole tumultuous year, I’ve begun to see it’s not that simple. Because, no matter how many “reasonable” people exist on the right, they can never hold the raging racism that brings violence against black and brown people at bay, because they allowed themselves to elect orange Hitler with full knowledge of what that meant.

Your comment regarding the need not for dialogue, but protection and action resonated with me. I’m watching my people, the people of my heritage, being abused, beaten, shot at and hosed down in Standing Rock. I stand with you. I hope to do as my people are doing, resisting, not talking. Reasoning is useless in the face of racism. It is equally ineffective in the face of white privilege. Confrontation must be the first line response now. We’ve never been a post racial society. That is the great lie of our time. Thanks for this article. I stand with you.