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Amber Lisa

In her response to Rannt she points herself points out that she write to get paid. She has written two books on subjects she knew nothing about. I get that people need to feed their families. I’ve written for content sites in the past. I regret it not only for how little I got paid but for how these sites would pass off their content as being written by experts. I wrote a lot about things I had a cursory knowledge of at best. I know the false news industry has become very lucrative. But, to praise Bashir al Assad was a bridge too far for me. I had to speak up. I challenged her on several occasions and got no responses from her directly except once and that was on something I actually thought she handled pretty well. But after continuing to read her, I regretted it because I realized that what she and I were talking about were two entirely different ideas of progressive. Another thing gives me pause. Since she admitted she knew nothing about some of her other subjects except from her “thorough research” I think it’s fair to say that someone who writes well can make a reader believe they know what they’re talking about. That’s dangerous. That is where the power of propaganda lies. I don’t worry so much about the truly crazy sites on the internet. I worry about the sites with just enough nuance to make a cogent argument based in a total fallacy. That is what you have to watch out for. I think we have to call it out or we are part of the problem. Thanks for your response.