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Just curious. What sources would you suggest we get our news from? I hear people rail against the media, but I never hear their alternative. I agree, cable news sensationalizes certain stories. There is no question about that. Yet, over and over they have been proved correct. Donald Trump issues denials, yet provides no facts to back them up. Meanwhile, Mr. Comey presented his response to Trump’s defamation of his character and sanity with contemporaneous notes shared with several high officials in the FBI almost immediately after the encounters. This was borne out not only from what he leaked to the press, but it is easily verified. Just ask those he told.

Also, Comey speaking under oath, did not deny that in some instances he didn’t handle the situation as well as he could. He did not come out unscathed. He did not shy away from the fact that Trump was not being investigated at the time. He did not shy away from his concerns regarding Loretta Lynch and her treatment of the Clinton email investigation. If he were dissembling, would he not try to cover the flaws in his behavior? He readily admitted mistakes, which to me lends credibility to what he said.

I’m sure watching Cspan and attending hearings myself would help inform me better. But since I can’t do that all the time, there has to be a way to get as accurate information as possible. Again, what do you suggest? It is not enough to throw shade at the mainstream media, especially if you aren’t offering an alternative.

The media is a soft target and you’re right, a majority of Americans don’t trust them. But I don’t think the alternative media is a viable alternative. From what I’ve seen, they never offer retractions when they are proved wrong. The Washington Post does. CNN has done it as well and recently I might add. In my opinion that is what journalism is all about, creating a narrative from available facts and verifiable sources, then issuing corrections when it proves necessary to do so.

I don’t trust Breitbart. I don’t trust Bipartisan Report. And I damn sure don’t trust YouTube. I don’t see any backing to your accusation that most of the media lean democrat and most journalists are democrats. I know several journalists who lean to the right that I think have integrity and are solid reporters. People like Mike Wallace, Greta Van Sustern, and Joe Scarborough. Even on MSNBC I see attempts to present guests who differ from the narrative put forth by the media. They are not burying these guests. They are on all day and all night. I am sure there are. Political party does not have to taint those writing the story.

There is a difference between commentators and journalists. One uses sources to prove their opinion while the other uses sources to inform their opinion. That is a vast difference. And even if there is bias here, remember, no one can be completely free of it. But they can do their best not to let it control them and they can still follow where the story leads.

Over and over again, the media have been proven correct. Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Jared Kushner all have been shown to have Russian connections by both contacts and finance. They have in some cases issued denials, but some haven’t even bothered to do that. Donald Trump has been shown to be pro Putin by his own words and actions over and over. You don’t need someone to tell you about it. You just have to read his Twitter and watch his speeches and press briefings for yourself. Every official who has access to the information says Russia interfered in the election. And it doesn’t matter whether the outcome was affected. The fact that it was attempted is dangerous enough. The fact that what they did has caused our democracy and institutions to be called into question like I’ve never seen before is proof enough that they had an impact. So why is it a reach to say the Russia situation is a dangerous scandal that threatens our democracy?

I agree that people need to have a healthy skepticism. But to say the entire media is in league to bring down Donald Trump is absurd. The media is not monolithic. Not every journalist who has looked at this story is corrupt. They simply can’t be based on the numbers. This is another conspiracy theory that is being perpetrated by people who don’t want their bubble burst.

I hope the stories are true about Russia because I don’t think Trump should be president. However, there are way more reasons he should be impeached than Russia. His finances, his conflicts of interests, his tendency to be authoritarian and support authoritarians over duly elected leaders. He has put service men and women in danger in Qatar because of his tweets of support for Saudi Arabia. He exhibits extremely erratic and unstable behavior. He lies constantly over large and small things. He is the most untrustworthy person to ever hold the office and this is in a world that gave us Richard Nixon. If nothing else, the 25th amendment should be invoked.

But, if my wish is not borne out by fact, I am willing to accept it. I won’t like it, but I will accept it. Which brings me back to my initial question. What other sources would you suggest for getting accurate political information?