The Devil in the Details

Trump’s Budget and the end of compassion

Donald Trump and his regime have presented a budget proposal and it is a doozy. It comes as no surprise that he is increasing defense spending and border security along with increases to other law enforcement, given his vision of making America a police state that does everything in its power to keep latinos and Muslims out of the country. Say what you will about Trump, but he is endeavoring to keep all his campaign promises and that is the scariest part of all this.

The lengths to which he goes to slash programs that benefit the poor and hungry are astounding, not to mention his desire to make oxygen a privilege not a right. The New York Times reports, “Mr. Trump’s team is expected to propose a wide array of cuts to public education, to transportation programs like Amtrak and to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, including the complete elimination of the $3 billion Community Development Block Grant program, which funds popular programs like Meals on Wheels, housing assistance and other community assistance efforts.” All of this displays a heartlessness that is beyond comprehension.

Add to this Paul Ryan’s draconian healthcare plan and you have a pretty bleak picture. If these proposals are allowed to move forward we are in for some serious hard times, the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetime.

But all is not lost. Fueled by the growing scandal of Russia-gate, Republicans are beginning to stiffen their backs and resist some of his most horrifying proposals. The budget battle could hang in the balance based on Trump’s proposed state department cuts. Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters that “this is definitely dead on arrival” because of these proposed cuts.

While democrats fight for entitlements and environmental concerns, it cannot be overstated how important it will be to encourage Republicans to maintain their priorities and oppose Trump on this budget. They are different priorities than democrat’s to be sure, but this may be a time when bipartisanship is possible. The irony comes in the fact that this bipartisanship is based on a common enemy which I think many Senators are starting to wake up to. They created this monster and now they must control it. The question is whether they have the political will and capital to do it.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if this is the thing that breaks the gridlock in Washington? It is not altogether impossible. If the congress can oppose this budget even with their differing priorities, they could open the door to serious negotiations over what should be in the budget and insodoing make a path toward finding ways to control spending and take care of the neediest of the American people. Here’s hoping this budget proposal is a blessing in disguise and not a nightmare on the horizon.

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