The Fourth Estate is in Peril

At his press conference today with Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, for the third time in a row refused to allow a question from any mainstream media organization. Instead, he received soft ball questions from the Christian Broadcasting Network and others. He was never challenged. They just let him speak without pointing out his lies, evasions and ignorance.

The bright spot was a question from an Israeli reporter who asked about the rising tide of antisemitism in this country and if Donald Trump and his regime would take any responsibility and work on trying to stop such violence. Trump turned the topic to his “massive electoral college” victory and how enthusiastic people were about his win. He completely dodged the question.

What was made abundantly clear in this propaganda show was that Donald Trump and his regime will allow Israel to set the terms of any Middle East peace agreement. It won’t even be an agreement because it is only Israel that will benefit. Israel doesn’t want peace. It wants security and dominance. It wants recognition from the Palestinians of its right to exist, meanwhile denying said recognition to the Palestinians.

It was also clear that Donald Trump and his regime is in the process of creating a state media arm through the likes of Brietbart and Fox News in order to present their message without challenge, much like the Russians and other authorization regimes.

This cannot stand. We have to support the media that are trying to tell the truth about this reckless, feckless, tin pot dictator wannabe. The mainstream media in this country, as they say, have been “woke.” They recognize that their soft coverage of Trump in the primaries led to his ability to say whatever he wanted without challenge even into the election. This happened on numerous occasions.

Now, however, they have stopped all that. They have been attacked and are fighting back by finally, doing their job. It’s not just the Washington Post and the Times. It is also the networks. I have seen a great improvement in the coverage since the election.

It is up to us to hold the media accountable and stand beside them to put pressure on Donald Trump and his regime. To demand the house and senate investigate him and his underlings for their conflicts of interest and treasonous behavior.

We need to stay in the streets and support the truth. We need to speak the truth and demand our leaders accept it and do something about it. Democracy has many moving parts and the media and the people have to be part of the checks and balances. We, the governed are we the people. It’s only just begun. #resist