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This election has been a lesson in absurdity. It has taught me that everything is upside down in this country. Invariably with such a horrific result, there is a lot of blame to go around. I question myself all the time. Did I campaign hard enough? Did I answer every challenge to her veracity and character with the counter argument of common sense? I don’t know.

What I do know is, like you, I admired Hillary’s toughness and pragmatism. I like that when she produced a policy position it was always carefully thought through and often took a middle way with the hopes of keeping the party united.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand was mercurial and loud, proclaiming his ideas like an Old Testament prophet. It was actually quite impressive. I was always amazed at his crowds and their passion. It was also frustrating that his supporters, a majority of who were young, took on a take no prisoners attitude that included intolerance to any who disagreed. They took on the traits of their opponents and it was very ugly.

But it was also a case of intemperate youth doing what we all do at a certain age; knowing it all, particularly more than all us stick in the mud establishment types. At times I watched Bernie Sanders looking as though he was herding cats. His intentions were honorable as I believe he saw himself speaking for a liberal constituency that had felt marginalized. He was speaking to young people that felt left out of the process. Hell, he spoke to me as somebody who was dreaming my dreams, speaking my own values and ideals and wrapping them in a hopeful bow that said, hey, we might have a shot.

So I voted for Bernie In the primaries. I voted my ideals. I am an old lefty that’s never fully abandoned the notion that the message we share far outweighs the opponents we face. I believe for a brief moment that saying it could make it so. I was wrong. I’m not afraid to admit it.

When the inevitable happened I was ready to move on and so I did. I took a closer look behind the stories of deceit and corruption. I read emails and reports. I did my homework and in the end I came to the conclusion that all this talk of untrustworthiness was complete bullshit.

My greatest wish now is that other Bernie Sanders supporters did the same instead of believing the worst interpretation of Hillary Clinton’s career. Sometimes arrogance breeds ignorance. Many of these poor people bought the media narrative and the narrative of the people they opposed and somehow forgot whose side they were on.

So now we have snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. We have a true nightmare about to take office. We can sit around laying blame till we’re blue in the face. It won’t change anything. What it will do is alienate what should be natural allies.

There is no excuse for anyone abusing or threatening to kill someone with whom we disagree. Emotions are high and no one should temper their emotions. We need to let it all out. But consider this.

At some point, sooner rather than later, we have to come to terms with this, finish our post mortem and get down to the business of uniting together as democrats to take back the house and the senate. We need all hands on deck.

I’m not trying to tone police anyone. I’m just being pragmatic. Any victory to be had will be because we stop finding excuses and start planning. It has to start now. It can’t wait because if we do, we risk further erosion of our government and our society.

So, fuck trolls. Fuck anyone who wants to insult, demean or issue death threats. They don’t count. They don’t matter. But there are good people in all wings of the party that are willing and able to do whatever it takes to get things on track. I think so, or maybe that’s my old hippie heart talking. Either way, what other alternative do we have? Time is passing. Tick tick tick. Let’s get to work.