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This is the kind of crazy shit that happens when you are only concerned with those who got you elected and not all of the American People. He does nothing to unite people. Every word out of his mouth is to please his base and his base, for the most part are racists and all the others ists that exist to describe the most hateful people in the world. What needs to be reiterated again and again is that Trump’s America is not America. It is the underbelly of greed and hatred that has simmered in this country since we chose not to deal a death blow to slavery at the founding of the republic. It is our cowardice staring us in the face. We have kicked the can down the road for centuries and now we are facing an existential moment because of it. This is the turning point of our democratic experiment. If we just let these horrible people have the last word, we get what we deserve. Resisting is not an option or a catchphrase. It is the duty of every American who believes that this nation has been high jacked. Time to take it back.

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