Who Matters Most

I saw a truck today as I was driving down Wilkinson Blvd plastered from one side to the other with signs and bumper stickers. He was flying an enormous Trump flag. Out of all the horrible things festooning his vehicle, one sign stood out to me

The sign said in large letters on a red background, “My Vote, My Values, My Country.” As I sat at the red light watching this Rolling cesspool go by, I felt that this one sign summed up Trump’ s voters in a nutshell.

When we go to the polls, we vote our values. We look for candidates who best match those values and support them. But, we don’t claim sole ownership of the country.

These folks feel like the country is theirs and the rest of us are just here by their good graces. And some of us, won’t be here much longer if they have their way.

They say one of the reasons the democrats lost the presidency is because we have become a party based around identity politics. Somehow, being the party of disenfranchised people is a bad thing. When some of the democratic officials I’ve seen decry the fact that we lost because we focused too much on minority issues and not enough on the white working class I want to vomit.

It is not lost on me that most of these commentators are white. They are so blind in their white privilege that they think the people who are their base are somehow part of the problem. You cannot call yourself a progressive without encouraging the tide to lift all boats. If we continue to bow our heads to the dominant voice of white America, white America will continue to have the freedom to set the agenda and somehow make everything about them.

So forgive me if I think identity politics matter. There is a reason progressives emphasize race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender preference. There is a reason we have championed poor people of all stripes. You see, your hard times are my hard times and I refuse to put my right to live and succeed on hold until white Americans gets their share.

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