ROOTS: It Was Never About Slavery
Bedford Palmer

I’ve always wondered why white Americans seem shoulder most if not all the blame, recrimination and resentment for slavery? No matter what your heritage/origins, if your ancestors were slave or slaver, if you are a caucasian america it is YOUR fault.

It could be my sheltered new world view, but rare it seems that a hand is wrung or accusation hurled at the ancestors of those who bear the most guilt?

I suspect a young white american on the euro summer tour would be J’accuse!!! If the subject of slavery were to come up in say any of these countries..

Portugal 5,848,265 Enslaved
Great Britain 3,259,440 Enslaved
Spain 1,061,525 Enslaved
France 1,381,404 Enslaved
 Netherlands 554,336 Enslaved
Denmark 111,041 Enslaved

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