So, now that you’ve actually read the article and see I said nothing you actually claimed I did…
Jordan Bray

My point is using the popular vote to demonstrate your point is using numbers that are distorted by the electoral college. I’m used to my vote for pres. not counting, living in one of the most conservative counties in one of the most liberal states.

If my county were a state, it would be the 30th largest. It would have as many electoral votes as Vermont, Wyoming, Delaware, Montana and Alaska COMBINED.

But in the current system I have ZERO say in the presidential race. And while I’m no particular fan of Trump, but I understand the frustration when the issues/needs/feelings of the so called “disenfranchised” are constantly at the forefront.

Where as the “white working class” is insulted, demeaned and ignored by the political elite, and when these people they treat like dirt don’t vote for them? There responce? Well they must be RACIST!!! Well thank goodness, we can continue to insult, demean and ignore them, but now we’ll pat ourselves on the back while doin it..

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