Two young boys head toward their favorite skating rink on a cold winters day.

After days of hard snow the forecast called for clear skies. A beautiful winters day in Northern Minnesota. A deceptive sun was out. It was bright, but its radiant heat couldn’t penetrate the thick blanket of…

His wife was missing. He didn’t know what the hell was going on… until he got the call.

As soon as he walked in the unlocked front door, Ryan Falcon knew something was wrong.

His suspicions started as soon as he turned his car onto the private drive that led…

He was a popular travel writer. His parents began to worry when his writing stopped and they couldn’t get in touch with him.

Nathan Orland was a confirmed bachelor. He answered to no one and he liked it that way.

Earlier in life he thought he would follow in the…

Every detail was accounted for, except for the one that wasn’t.

“Wow, five million,” remarked Kyle. “I’ve never carried this much cash in one trip. This is a record for me.”

“I’ve carried more, but it always makes me nervous,” replied Jeremy.

“One driver and one guard doesn’t seem like…

In 1870 there were over 60 million wild buffalo. By 1889 there were a grand total of 1,091. How the hell did that happen and what do Native Americans have to do with it?

“Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam…”

It’s the opening line to a poem written in 1872 by an ear, nose and throat doctor named Brewster Higley. The poem later became the lyrics to a song titled “Home on the range.” It’s the official state song of Kansas…

An invasion across the Western border.

For the first time ever the population of California is shrinking. Between the lawlessness, the state tax burden and the less than stellar politics, people have finally had enough. Many are throwing in the towel. They are leaving in droves… At least those that…

Scott Gese

Writer of novels, articles and blog posts. Specializing in short story fiction.

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