Uncontested Divorces in Oklahoma — A Simplified Approach to Divorce in Our State

Scott Griner
3 min readJun 9, 2017

Divorce in Oklahoma can be quite expensive! According to a google search, the average cost of divorce in Oklahoma with children is $18,700! That’s a very large sum! In fact, we have helped clients settle cases which spiralled out of control for over 3 years, some to the tune of $250,000.00!

Our number one goal is to help avoid any kind of potential conflict in divorce from escalating to six figures! There is no viable reason why a divorce should reach that point. At the end of every divorce, money is always split and divided amongst the parties. Keep in mind that most heated cases only become heated because of anger and bitterness. Our approach is to remove this from the beginning; agree to disagree; and help the parties move on.

Our Uncontested Divorces in Oklahoma packages start at a measly $149. This pricing structure immediately spells out the simplicity at which we attempt to approach divorce. The number one goal of our company is to keep the divorce simple. The majority of people, especially common folk, do not have the assets nor the time to spend years in court arguing over nothing. At the end of the day, they desire happiness and peace, not bitterness and anger. Getting a divorce does not have to feel the same as a funeral. It can feel like a new life. A starting point to something fresh.

Beginning a new chapter starts now. It starts with us. It ends with you.

The first thing we need to accomplish is to establish expectations. Understanding the difference in realistic vs unrealistic expectations is extremely critical to being successful in the beginning phase of avoiding a catastrophic divorce. Realistic expectations are bound by reason and logic. Unrealistic expectations are infused with unreasonable demands or requests driven by personal greed and a lack of consideration for the other person.

For example, is it realistic or unrealistic for a person to expect their spouse to walk away from their marriage without taking any physical thing with them? Should a successful husband expect for his stay at home wife to leave empty, broke and with no possession outside of her clothes? On the flip side, is it realistic or unrealistic for a stay at home wife to expect her successful husband to forfeit all of his hard work and money by giving everything he has to her post divorce? These are very real scenarios which happen all the time. Our goal is to help our clients understand the difference and avoid conversations that lead to unrealistic expectations. These type of conversations lead directly to hate and bitterness.

The goal of a divorce should be peace. Like all business endeavors, starting with a goal in mind is the key to success, both short term and long term. If both parties in any situation can walk away feeling like they only lost a friendship and not a piece of themselves, they will both have the means to start a new life.

After all, divorce should not be the end; but the beginning.