Store No More : Clear Out Your Storage Unit And Sell What You Don’t Want

Scott Gregg is the co-founder of Store No More.

Store No More is now accepting customers in Los Angeles, California.

The birth of a baby, and an idea

I was in my office in Los Angeles when I got a call that my sister was going into labor. I ran home to get my girlfriend and our dog so that we could visit her in the hospital. When I got home, I remembered that our storage unit was still in our driveway, blocking our neighbor’s parking spot. We had a week to clear it out before UHaul picked it back up, with only one day left to do so.

My girlfriend wasn’t home yet… so now I was in a real pickle. I had to clear out our storage unit, and drive an hour and a half to the hospital in time to meet my sister’s baby. Or else we’d have to send the unit back and keep paying for it every month.

We’d avoided clearing out our storage unit for 6 years, costing us $5400, even though everything inside was only worth $1500.

I spent the next couple of hours organizing our stuff. Some of it I trashed, some of it I set aside for donation, and some of it I carried up three flights of stairs so we could sell it on Craigslist. To save time going up and down the stairs, I even filled my car with boxes. The highlight of the whole process was carrying a 30 pound mirror up the stairs that hit me in the head with each step.

After what felt like the world’s worst CrossFit class, the crate was clear and ready for U-Haul to pick up the next day. Kelsey got home, and both of us — including our dog Jackson — piled in my now overpacked 2001 Lexus — converted storage unit — and drove to the hospital. We made it in time, and got to meet my beautiful nephew.

Once the dust settled, we posted a lot of our stuff on Craigslist. We made about $1500. (Keep in mind, we’d had the unit for 6 years, and paid over $6000 for it, so we can’t chalk that one up in the “wins” column).

That’s when it dawned on me, how many people out there are like Kelsey and me? How many people put their stuff in a storage unit, but procrastinate for years in dealing with it. The answer is… a lot…Americans spend $40 Billion dollars a year on self storage. 7 square feet per person is devoted to self storage. 10% of American households have a storage unit. And it’s growing! We love storing our stuff, and we hate getting it out.

Store No More — the anti storage company

Several companies like MakeSpace, UHaul, and Public Storage, want you to keep your storage unit forever. Several other companies will help you move the stuff inside of your storage unit — often calling it “junk” — but these are really just moving companies.

That’s where Store No More comes in — we do the hard work of closing out your storage unit for you. We clear your storage unit, take inventory of everything inside, and help you sell, donate, recycle or get back what’s inside.

The best part? You never lift a finger, and can handle everything remotely (smartphone app coming soon!). Our customers can not only save money by halting their monthly storage unit payments, but they can also make money by selling the items in their units that have value but that they no longer wish to own. They can also get a great break on their taxes by donating items.

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to or check out our new website

Happy Un-Storing!