A curated set of web design links for beginners. First shared with students on the UCLA IoES Sea Grass practicum team.

Theory and Process

  • The Web’s Grain. Essay by Frank Chimero based on a 2015 presentation on the the nature of the web medium is a classic.
  • Redesigning his site in the open. Frank‘s blog posts titled Redesign are very helpful and get behind the scenes how a web designer thinks.
  • The Web Project Guide. Understand how each stage of the website process fits in with the next. Online book by Corey Vilhauer & Deane Barker.



Reflexivity is about thinking around and inside, on top and behind something rather than just looking at it from one perspective and allowing our own preconceived ideas and opinions to cloud our judgment on what something is, and how we think it should be.


Foster an ability to think in and through a design problem, rather than just looking back on it after the fact. Think flexibly and put different pieces of information together to see connections. Embrace a cycle of reflection and action to enhance and expand capacities.


Canonical version on my personal website

A long time ago one of my favorite things to do on the web was to explore content management systems. It still is.


Around 1999, I used to visit my friend and play around on PC computers. We’d install scripts like Francisco Burzi’s phpnuke just for the fun of it. View source and installing programs was how I learned to build websites. The web in those day was an exciting time. Today is no different. Twenty years later, I’m still excited about the web. …

Illustrations from A Web for Everyone. Available on flickr. Creative commons license courtesy Rosenfeld Media

Building in accessibility from the beginning of the design and development process improves usability for everyone.

Here are some resources and tools that helped me learn more about Web Accessibility and the fantastic community of writers, designers and developers working on this topic. I prepared these notes for a workshop I led at UCLA. I hope it helps you explore this important field of study.



Scott Gruber

Curious about our world. Love to learn something new everyday.

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