Except for purged voters… But that doesnt count right?
Patrick Braddock

“Except for purged voters… But that doesnt count right?”

And how exactly did Hillary go back in time and change the election laws in individual states to purge voters that she believed would, and some point in the future, vote for Bernie? And if she had that kind of power, then why didn’t it help her with Trump?

Also, anyone who was incorrectly purged from the voting rolls COULD STILL CAST A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. The idea that there were millions of Bernie voters who were purged from voter rolls and unable to cast a vote is just a blatant lie. There isn’t a shred of evidence that it happened, and even if they were purged they could still vote.

Stop pretending that your lack of knowledge about the way that primary elections work is, somehow, the fault of Hillary Clinton. It’s just ridiculous.

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