THE TRUMP DIARIES: 1/28/17 — Call for International Isolation of Rogue Government

“America First!” — That’s the slogan of Herr Trump, and indeed he’s entitled to a rehash of the exact same phrase from the 1930’s.

Back then the slogan was used to rally support meant to keep out of America those fleeing the German government’s arrests, incarcerations, and murders of those deemed dangerous to their state.

“America First!” was also code not only to exclude refugees, it was a signal to the German regime that Americans shared their ideology: “You don’t want them. We don’t want them either.”

And so it is today. Herr Trump allies himself with fascist forces, toeing the line, not quite dismantling the institutions and subverting the laws. That is, however, a matter of time: When his chief stooge, Steve Bannon, the bleary-eyed, ruddy faced Leninist advising him, tells the media, “Keep your mouth shut!” That’s a threat. as in: Shut your mouth or we will shut it for you.

Since “America First!” is the slogan, international organizations must condemn the regime. Trump will withdraw the U.S. from each organization issuing the condemnation. Ironically, this will result in isolation of Herr Trump’s regime, and it will embolden domestic opposition to it.

Here are several international organizations that ought to issue condemnations of the Trump regime for its policies which violate human rights:

The United Nations, Asian Development Bank, Bank for International Settlements, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), The International Olympic Committee, The International Organization for Migration, The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Organization of American States (OAS), World Health Organization (WHO), and The International Court of Justice.

“America First!”