THE TRUMP DIARIES (2/16/17) Private Equity & Spies

The big story today, in case you missed it what with the smoke of the visit of Israeli P.M. to D.C. and the abrupt dropping out of Puzder as labor secretary, is:

Stephen A Feinberg.

Feinberg, billionaire co-founder of the secretive, massive, and extremely deep pocketed equity fund, Cerberus Capital Management, has been asked by Herr Trump, according to The New York Times, “to lead a broad review of American intelligence agencies.”

At last, private equity gets its hands on the intelligence. That this follows the revelation of national security advisor Flynn’s resignation due to contact with Russian government spies is no accident.

Herr Trump & Feinberg are going to the source. They will try to shut it down.

This is Cereberus:

One big area of growth for the fund is in buying distressed real estate holdings. You remember that, right? The 2008 banking “crisis,” that led, in fact, to private equity snapping up assets at low, low prices.

A good friend of mine who is in private banking described that era as, “A fire sale.” People made a mint.

And now Feinberg turns his sights to U.S. intelligence. Want to bet he recommends getting rid of the top people in the agencies and on cutting back staff?