Last night, over dinner with friends in Kyoto, Japanese and one person from France, the conversation turned of course to the political crisis in the U.S.

As usual, people were understanding and sympathetic. The person from France, a very well known writer, spoke of concern she has over Le Pen’s possible seizure of power in the April elections. She will stay perhaps in Kyoto. She will suggest to family that they leave France as well.

The Japanese were equally well-informed about day to day news in the U.S., and no doubt the sting of internment, to put in mildly, and the deeply complex and ever-changing relationships between the two countries colored their perspectives.

Not so much fear as disgust.

And a recognition, ferocious in the pinpoint understanding, that money is behind it all.

“The white Christian men do not want to give up power,” said the person from France. Said with chagrin, familiarity, and fatigue.

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