THE TRUMP DIARIES: (2/28/17) “What Is He Afraid Of?”

As a clinical psychologist, I’ve been asked periodically by friends and acquaintances to weigh in on Herr Trump.

Is he a narcissist?

But to use diagnostic measures on a person I’ve never met makes no sense. Nor does it add anything to what is a political challenge: To reduce a politician’s actions and ideologies to a surmise of psychological guesses about his or her personality is a distraction.

There are plenty of really nice narcissistic individuals. Narcissism is the inability to differentiate Self from surroundings.

So a school teacher, bus driver, movie star, or politician can be narcissistic.

So what?

And narcissism is a healthy adaption, in balance, to environmental demands. One has to look out for oneself. And when in love, a person doesn’t always see himself or herself as separate from the loved one.

A mother loving a baby is a narcissist.

Rather than carelessly label Herr Trump with a diagnostic term that may or may not describe his personality, we are better off looking at his actions.

His political actions.

This is a man who operates out of fear. He is afraid of being judged. He is afraid of terrorism. He is afraid of women.

In response to that fear, he acts predictably. As he has said on Twitter: “When someone attacks me, I always attack back…except 100x more. This has nothing to do with a tirade but rather, a way of life!”

He seems cornered, fearful, feeling unliked.

So he perceives danger and an attack, any attack, prompts an attack back “100x” greater.

If only he felt loved.