It’s funny, isn’t it, how an action intended to create an effect has unintended and at times unanticipated effects.

Take Herr Trump’s ban on people coming to the U.S. from seven predominantly Muslim nations. The intent was to “keep out the bad guys,” and although doctors, graduate students, college students, political refugees, and families seeking a new life are or were being kept out, the sweeping action made Herr Trump’s xenophobic rant: “America First!” apparent.

The unintended effects:

Ordinary people are developing a consciousness of pubic life and govcernment.

Massive protests shut down airports and terminals.

Federal judges are speaking up and enforcing laws which protect democracy.

Boycotts of all things Trump are happening.

And it’s not even warm out. Wait until summer when it’s easier to block entrances to Federal buildings, stand in front of bridges, and organize boycotts of any businesses that collaborate with this regime.

P.S. — The Disney corporation, whose CEO sits on the Board of Herr Trump’s Economic Council, has not issued a statement of any kind regarding the immigration edict. Disney world? Disney movies? No, thanks.

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