It hasn’t been years, it hasn’t even been months, it’s six weeks, just six weeks, since this very strange regime came to power in what remains of the United States.

Will James Comey get fired by Herr Trump for calling upon the beleaguered Justice Department to deny The Leader’s outburst that his phones were tapped illegally and secretly under direct orders of former President Obama?

That’s the question today, ladies and gentlemen, not whether or not Herr Trump had direct communications with the Russians during the Presidential campaign. Not whether or not Attorney General Jeff Sessions ought to resign for lying during his Senate testimony.

This regime is all about stopping the flow of information, arresting or firing or disparaging those who reveal and disseminate.

Not about getting information out.

By trying to keep facts hidden, the regime is attempting to stay in power and expand its authority.

The goal is to dismantle the public sector, and to place information out of reach. So that only those in-the-know, with a complete set of facts, will have the knowledge needed to act decisively.

It’s a bit like fascism.

But what’s going to happen now, after Comey is fired, is that those who are leaking information will see more clearly than ever what’s happening.

There will be a torrent of information. And unless the regime literally orders the closure of media, including access to the Internet, backed by federal troops, it will fall apart.

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