THE TRUMP DIARIES: (4/13/17) The Money Guys

The guys I know in private equity — and I count four big guys as friends whom I’ve known many years — are among the nicest people I know. They care primarily about money, of course, and then their families and their stuff.

They pick a number of progressive causes: From supporting small private colleges to literary programs to advocacy for the indigent, etcetera. Really nice causes, these are all people who feel strongly about race and gender equality.

Just don’t touch their stuff.

A few of them don’t pay taxes because they have Family Foundations, established under Reagan, which are not taxed, and provide “salaries” to them, their wives, and kids. Because they are non-profit, you can get a list of who they are and what they do here:

The thing is that this week Herr Trump has showed more of his hand. He’s not ideological, the thing with Bannon, that was fun, it served its purpose, and now let’s get down to the real business:

Let’s turn the public sector over to the private sector.

That’s what my friends do in comparable ways: Monetize sectors and industries and find ways to squeeze more profit out of them.

They do that by firing employees, increasing fees, and wiping out competition through raising rents on buildings where these other businesses operate.

You don’t need to be unpleasant to take over the economy. In fact, it helps to act nice.

The nicer Herr Trump acts, the more the economy is being transferred to private equity.