So what explains this guy’s charm, his ability to charm the hearts of those who have the most to lose once his economic policies are put into place?

Before we get to that, here’s what is meant by those economic policies: Once deregulation of banks, healthcare, and public sector industries is permitted, prices will go up. That’s the purpose of deregulation, to increase profits for private companies.

It’s not complicated.

You may not like the government telling you what to do, but they are the only thing standing in the way of paying more for credit card debt, loans for cars and colleges and houses, prescription medication, and visits to physicians and stays in hospitals.

That’s why there’s so much passion behind the push to deregulate: Do you have any idea how much money will be made by shareholders and company executives?


His charm is based on three things.

  1. He is a superb mimic. He talks like an uneducated person, an ordinary and angry American, who just wants people to be fair. In fact, he has nothing in common with ordinary people — he’s walled off financially and socializes with others who share his standard of living.
  2. He is pure pleasure. Much like Tony Soprano, he says and does things few people have the guts to say or do. He sees something he wants, he grabs it. Very appealing to the less powerful — they can unconsciously feel as if they are the ones who have his authority.
  3. People love a villian. The play is called Richard III, not Richmond. Trump’s hunchbacked look, his viciousness, is as much of part of his appeal as his ability to be anyone through mimicry.