THE TRUMP DIARIES: Day 30, Cult of Personality

The best things to do are:

  1. Believe that they mean what they say. They are going to do these things. It’s not rhetoric.
  2. Create and sustain your own strategies and tactics not in response to them, but based on your own values and goals. It’s like living with an abusive parent who doesn’t listen. Meaning: Believe in your own integrity, develop emotional independence from them, and fight back in ways that don’t exhaust you.
  3. Discover the humor in their stupidity and violence. The rage belongs to them, not to you, and in short order they will tire themselves out. Conflicts often begin with hubris, but they end with defeat for the prideful. Their blindness to others means they underestimate opposition and don’t see defeat coming until it’s too late for them.
  4. Form alliances with others based on common humanity. If they are going tribal, go anti-tribal. Don’t take their view of reality for any more than abuse. It’s a cult of personality that is developing here. As John Lennon said, “A pretty face will last a year or two, and then we’ll see what you can do.”
  5. Believe in success and the future. This is temporary. There is a way out. We know the way out. They don’t.
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