THE TRUMP DIARIES: One Month of Trump

I’m having fun so far, and I bet you are, too. The real question is: How much $$$ does it take to get the Prez to make a phone call?

It took about $150,000 for him to call Taiwan, and no doubt promises for more cash if he swings right and abandons U.S. policy towards Mainland China going back 44 years to Richard Nixon.

I figure it can’t go lower than $100,000. But I’m thinking big, I’m thinking huge.

Let’s start a Kickstarter campaign to raise a million dollars. We take the million, we give it to the president-elect, and we say: Bomb Mexico.

I know, I know. It wouldn’t be right. But wouldn’t it be fun to see if he’d do it? Because that would be the real point. Mexico would be chump change, just a way to test the waters. To prove that, yes, it’s all for sale, the whole thing, top to bottom.

So next we raise $10 million. That shouldn’t be hard. I’m not saying it’d be easy, but it won’t be hard. We can do it!

With the $10 million wired over to Trump’s coffers, we get him to call North Korea. Wait, wait, you’ll see, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. He calls that guy over there, what’s-his-name, doesn’t matter. And he says: “Listen, I know how China’s been really good to you. I’ll do even better. I’ll double what they pay you.”

And with that North Korean guy on board, he threatens China, and here’s the beauty of it, with North Korea’s missiles! Nice, huh?

While those two go at it, the U.S. gets new power in Asia, and before you know it? New World Order.

I love this guy!

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