The Trump Diaries: Week Two

The very idea that a geezer, a rich one at that, is heading a political Movement, is so entertaining that to be strictly anxious about it is to miss the humor.

The only movement we can expect from Donald will come from adding more fiber to his diet, and the result will be the same as what he is going to do to this country.

This is all about transfer of wealth. It’s not about more manufacturing jobs, an accountable political system, safe cities, or affordable, long-term health care when you can longer work.

Once these guys get in, you’ll see an old man’s acquisitive dreams realized: Veterans services and Medicare will turn into voucher systems. Anyone who has worked for a for-profit healthcare system knows exactly what this means.

Co-pay’s will go up, medication prices will, go up, hospital stays will be cut back, and there will be denial of pay for what the insurer deems “non-essential services” (Knee or hip replacements if you are over 60; surgeries for non-life threatening disorders; cancer therapies for stage 4 or 5 cancers, etc.).

If you have a chronic medical condition, you will pay for it. If you want to see a specialist, pay to see that person. If you need palliative medication, at end-of-life, pay for it.

If you voted for the geezer: That’s what you voted for, and for sure you had better have: A heated garage for an elderly relative. Plenty of cash squirreled away. A willingness to accept chronic illness.

DeGaulle was 77 years old in 1968 when he wanted to make France great again. President Johnson was 60 years old in 1968.

These clowns, and now Trump and his geezer associates, don’t want to leave anything for the kids. They plan to make the money, spend it on what they want, and if the kids don’t like it, too bad.

The geezers underestimate the energy of youth. Now that’s a movement, and they are the ones who started it. The provocation is funny, the response provoked? Not so much.