I have also realized that I am still learning, too. This is as much a squirm-inducing process for me as it is for them. I am confident that a gradeless classroom is right for my students, but I am constantly fielding unanticipated questions from them and my colleagues. However, I know that putting my focus on student growth instead of grades fosters more thoughtful writers. And I am willing to squirm a bit for that.
Going Gradeless in Creative Writing
Jen Doucette

Yes! You are leading by example, both in your willingness to be vulnerable and in your writing practice. Thank you for sharing your thinking so well and so stylishly. I applaud and admire both, Jen.

I tried a “gradeless” (except for the final, required report) writing class for the first time this year. There were many joyful learning moments, but there were difficult times, too. Your writing here has helped strengthen my resolve to stay the course.

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