Running goals 2017

Having booked a number of races, I sat down about three weeks ago and wrote out my goals and targets for my year in running. Then I went running and realised a knee pain that I’ve had since late last October still hasn’t cleared despite lots of rest over the passed two months. Having now seen a doctor at FASIC in Edinburgh, the good news is there doesn’t appear to be any tears or anything that should sideline me long time, but something isn’t right. Diagnosed as ‘biomechanical overload causing lateral left knee pain’ the doctor has set me on a rehabing course of strength and conditioning work as I ease back into running. So let’s just say I haven’t gotten off to the best start in 2017… but hey, I’m not the only one.

Regardless, I’m going to outline my goals for the year:

  1. Stay healthy and injury free
  2. Eat better — more real food, less sugar
  3. 2,000 kilometre end of year goal
  4. Run back-to-back 100km weeks
  5. Sub 10hr Highland Fling (my participation in the Fling is currently in doubt)
  6. PB marathon: target is 3h30m at Edinburgh Marathon and 1h30m half marathon
  7. Top 200 finish at Les Templiers (15h finish). Last year I came 235th, so I’m definitely in range for this
  8. Run more shorter races on trail and road
  9. Go on more running adventures at the weekend
  10. Make a film about one of these adventures
  11. Volunteer at two races
  12. Maintain a journal of these things here!

That’s it. Those are my 2017 goals. I’ll come back later and post my race calendar as it stands. There’s a few shorter ultras I’m looking at this year to build speed and make sure I have enough points for CCC in 2018 should I not make the Fling.

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