1,000 Day Project

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“So what is the 1,000 Day Project”, I hear you asking. It sounds like a strange new petition to have the calendar year changed to a 1,000 days for some reason, but it’s not. Instead it is a project I started to document my efforts to follow all the financial and personal advice you hear about all the time in an attempt to become a better overall Being. If all goes well and according to plan then by Thursday January 10, 2025. I will know I’ve accomplished becoming a better Being if, a 1,000 days from now, I’m able to lift other members of society up, instead of simply getting angry at the state of things as they are in modern society.

The reason I’ve chosen to focus specifically on financial and personal advice is because, honestly, those are the foundations of a thriving society or a broken and bleak society. Also, they tend to be the most noticeable when they become out of sync. Living in the United Sates I can safely say that both the financial and personal aspects of life are way out of sync, and from the looks of things from the glimpses I get they’re not much better in the rest of the world either. That is part of why I’m documenting my whole journey on Medium. I want others to see how hard, easy, frustrating, and rewarding the process of self discovery and becoming financially and personally (think spiritually, mentally, and emotionally) free can be for an individual, and hopefully motivate others to do the same in their lives. So, lets dive into it all.

Day 1 of 1,000

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So how does one get started on a 1000 day journey of financial and self discovery? By taking account of what you have and setting goals for where you want to be at different stages of the journey! All you need is a pen or pencil and some something to write on. It can be a journal, a notebook, the back of used envelope, just make sure that after you’ve finished you keep it somewhere you’ll see it everyday so it can remind you of what you’re trying to achieve. You can start as specifically or broadly as you want. It might even work for you to set a big goal with smaller ones nested inside. For example, by day 1,000 I want to qualify for a mortgage so I can start the process of owning my own home. To work towards this goal I have a 100 day goal of having one of my credit cards completely paid off. As for personal goals, I haven’t set any hard dates, but I want to finish 2 books I recently bought, Jordan B. Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life” to help me get some direction in my life, and “Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement” so that I can have a better understanding of why tensions are so high in the United States today. So far both have been really eye opening, but I’ll go into that on another post when I’ve read more of them. If you’re choosing to follow along then hopefully you’ve got a good idea of what you want out of your 1,000 days. But if not that’s ok, you get to pick when your 1,000 day project begins! Until then I’ll be here updating everyone on my progress and trying to pass on what information I come across on my 1,000 day journey to becoming a better overall Being!



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