Jeremy Horton

College Pastor

Jeremy has been leading the way with college students at Wildwood through College Life since he emerged on the scene in 2008. Jeremy’s life was radically changed as a college student where he came to know and walk in a relationship with Christ. He spent several years in construction management after graduation so he knows what it feels like to get a “real” job. At the end of the day Jeremy is a proactive developer of people and loves nothing more than seeing students love Jesus and make him known.

Jeremy is not just our pastor but his family is college life’s family. Think of Michelle (his wife) as College Life’s house mom, and his kids (Chloe — 7, Eddie — 5, Mackenzie — 2) as your nieces and nephews.

Other than that, prepare yourselves for his resting face and understand that he is huge believer of High Fives and Blue Bell Ice Cream eating.

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