Scott Holland of Tigard, OR: Experienced Professional Gardener

Scott Holland of Tigard, OR is an experienced professional based in the suburban area around Portland. Holland has over twenty-five years of experience as a gardener, performing jobs such as lawn mowing, debris cleanup, and planting. Over the years, Holland has handled all types of gardening jobs in all kinds of lawns throughout Tigard, Hillsboro, Beaverton, and more. Holland has shown uncommon creativity in providing gardening solutions to all of his customers in the area. He is by no means your typical gardener. Holland works closely with his clients to save them money and provide excellent service for whatever they need. Having lived in Tigard for almost twenty years, he knows how to get the most out of all gardening budgets and natural areas.

Scott Holland of Tigard, OR says that his time taking art history classes is one of the things that set him apart from other gardeners. He understands esthetics and is willing to go outside the box to come up with the perfect plan to beautify his clients’ outdoor areas. His combination of his college degree and his years of experience make him a popular choice in Tigard and the surrounding area. Holland also distinguishes himself from other gardeners in the area with his natural talent for personable and fully customizable services. Holland gears his skills to each of his customer’s particular preferences. His years of experience allow him to create highly personalized services for all outdoor areas throughout the Portland suburban area.

Scott Holland of Tigard, OR has moved and worked all over the country, including the Seattle area, Idaho, and parts of northern California. While he lived in Moscow, Idaho, he joined the Latah County Idaho Master Gardeners club with his well-known excellent gardening service in that area. He prides himself on always being prompt and professional, providing his customers with the best service he can provide while honing his skills continually throughout his gardening career. He mows lawns and clears debris, but he doesn’t consider himself a typical “mow and blow guy,” as he puts it. He works hard to provide his customers with whatever gardening services they need, and communicate with them effectively throughout the entire process. He knows the value of communication. Having those open lines of communication between himself and his customers fosters not only good work on each particular project, it also creates relationships between himself and the community which can last for years.