Book Review: Be Obsessed or Be Average

Be Obsessed or Be Average

I recently read the book, “Be Obsessed or Be Average” by Grant Cardone. The book explains how Grant went from being a broke drug-addict to building five successful companies and becoming a multimillionaire. The book provides massive amounts of knowledge and skills you can use to immediately start not only setting goals (i.e. losing weight, landing that dream job, building stronger relationships, etc), but staying persistent with those goals no matter what obstacles come your way until you achieve them.

Two essential concepts Grant stresses that you must have to achieve your goals are: obsession and purpose. The two concepts rely on each other because once you define what goal you have a burning desire to achieve (i.e. your obsession) you in turn need to constantly define and ask yourself “why” to continue fueling that desire (i.e. your purpose). For example, you may be obsessed with earning as much money as possible because you don’t want your family to financially struggle to raise your kids. The obsession is “earning as much money as possible” and the purpose is “I don’t want my family to struggle”. When you have a clear purpose, you are free to overcome doubt, haters, procrastination, etc and continuously search for new ways to achieve the obsession.

It is imperative to understand that in order to stay persistent, you must continuously fuel your obsessions. Think about goals you may have set like, “I’m going to start working out 3xs a week this year”, but never achieved. Like many people, when you first started you were super excited, passionate, and just knew you would achieve your goal. At the beginning of the year you signed up for that new gym membership, bought a whole wardrobe of workout gear, and even bought a $300 Apple Watch just to use that app that keeps track of daily steps. Three months later, those workout clothes still have the price tags on them and the closest you’ve been to the gym is the restaurant that just happens to be in the same shopping center as the gym. Oh, and even worse, you didn’t even at least choose a healthy option while at the restaurant!

For many people the problem is that they fail to consistently fuel passion towards goals with purpose. Everyone including myself, has either done this at some point in their lives or has and area where they do this right now. The book provides an exercise to help you figure out what your purpose is and how to continue fueling it.

“Those who are really alive and who make the biggest difference know how to keep updating and refocusing their obsession as they mature, as life changes, and as opportunities come and go.” — Grant Cardone

I really like Chapter 4, “Feed The Beast” as it talks specifics on how to keep fueling your obsessions. Grant provides many tools to help you fuel your obsessions such as: staying laser focused on your goals, roaring towards the future, and being obsessed with learning new things. I especially liked (and currently use) his idea of listening to audiobooks while driving to and from work. Many times we struggle to find time during the day to complete various tasks. So for example, if your drive to to and from work is 30 minutes each, that’s 60 minutes of new knowledge you can gain everyday just while driving in your car!

“What you pay attention to is what you get. And the more attention you give something, the more you feed it, the stronger and more powerful it grows.”
- Grant Cardone

Other chapters in the book also provide knowledge and tools on how to “starve the doubt” by blocking out naysayers and embracing haters, ways you can learn to use your obsession to dominate your past, your thinking, your money, your area of expertise, and your brand, learning to love fear, and how “becoming comfortable” with your life is your biggest threat because in your effort to find or maintain comfort, you lose out on making gains toward your potential.

In conclusion, Be Obsessed or Be Average is a great read that provides tools and knowledge to help you go from “wanting to achieve goals” to actually achieving them.