Can I ask what you think of the Vuze?
Jerome Di Pietro

I want to be very honest with my response here, so bear with the slightly lengthy explanation. I don’t find joy in criticizing a newer company dealing in emerging technology. I think giving these businesses adequate and honest feedback will help them produce better products in the future.

At the company I work for, we were looking to upgrade to a better camera (having already purchased the Gear 360). After a lengthy debate about which one we should get, we settled on the Vuze. It was always meant to be our stepping stone, as rumors abound about a camera coming out with stellar resolution later this year.

What I was promised:

  • 4K video (which is actually just 2K for each eye).
  • Better 360 sound than many other cameras.
  • Compatibility with all computers.
  • Ease of use (the “soccer mom’s camera,” as I’ve seen it mentioned).

What I got:

  • Something that doesn’t shoot photos, which is only now being referenced on their website. It’s done so vaguely you’d have to know you were looking for.
  • It does not work with Macs unless you download a 3rd party app which mimics Windows on your Mac.
  • No tripod. Now, they don’t overtly say you’ll get one, they simply show it in the photos. Upon realizing it didn’t come with one (instead a silly hand hold for allowing you to make nauseating videos), I tried to find one on their site to purchase, but it doesn’t exist. It’s just part of the marketing ploy.
  • Button operations that are less than easy — you’ll need to bring the manual with you to make things work.

I have emailed them multiple times, but they are either non-responsive or less than helpful. This is the part that disturbs me, as those types of reactions from the company lends to my feeling as though the product is snake oil.

This is as far as I’ve gotten with the camera. With all these immediate technical trip-ups, I haven’t yet had the chance to fully explore it’s image/sound quality. Perhaps it’s better than the Gear 360, but Samsung just released a new version of that camera, which may rival the image quality of the Vuze.

Once I have had the opportunity to give better feedback on the actual video/sound quality, I can certainly give an update. However, at this time, all I can say is that you’ll probably have better luck with a different camera if you’re looking for an all-around good product.

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