Breadth of perspective and the creative mind

Yesterday, I heard a U. S. Senator comment over the radio that he had concern about a particular Presidential nominee for a Cabinet-level post because this individual did not have a breadth of perspective.

What are the dangers of not having a breadth of perspective?

Not recognizing that there is one more than one way to see an issue.

Not understanding the reasoning or supporting evidence of another person’s argument or position.

Not acknowledging that there may be differences between one point of view and another.

Without breadth of perspective, then one could say that you have a narrow view, or even tunnel vision.

How do you lead when you have tunnel vision?

It’s possible, but it usually involves pushing a particular agenda. This may be fine when you are in top-down organization such as the military. But it’s not necessarily helpful for a civilian position. Or leading a company.

Comprehending various viewpoints and developing a path to get to what’s next is a basic skill for many working in creative fields. Effective leaders need a breadth of perspective in order to create synergy between multiple ideas so that a new reality can emerge. It is only when viewpoints are considered and recombined that innovation can take place.

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