I have to believe Apple did some user accetpance testing via outside parties and didn’t randomly…
Jonathan Zufi

I agree, they likely asked lots of people. All I’m saying is that they misjudged. My concern is that too many consumers (not us technology buffs…) are frustrated by the removal.

What irks me the most is conflating the Airpods w/ this decision. I think the Airpods are great. I have no issue with them. But they are not a reason in itself. Apple released a BT headset 9 years ago for the iPhone and they didn’t remove the jack then. So why now?

I honestly think the reason is that the jack takes up a lot of space and it allows for a more clever set of components inside. Apple did say this in their keynote. But that is the only reason I see as viable.

I don’t want to be remembered as ‘the luddite that loved headphone jacks’ Someday, of course, they will eventually go. I’m just frustrated by the logic I’m seeing in this discussion. All of the fanboi hype, the ‘it worked for floppies’, the ’its-the-future’ arguments, and AirPod conflation are not arguments, they are smoke that avoid the key issue: the headphone jack still has huge value.

Enough value that my concern is that users will simply vote with their dollars. If they don’t, then I’m wrong. Time will tell.

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