How do you feel nearly a year on?
Jason E

I still feel exactly the same way. I have a high end custom molded set of headphones that I can use across my 4 devices. Yes, even today I *could* use a BLE headset across all them but I don’t see the need. Are cables irritating as you point out? Yes! But BT headsets have their fair share of irritations as well. For example, no BT headset today will work seamlessly between my 4 devices. My 22 year old son loves music and has a powered set of speakers (as do many of his friends) and they all use the headphone jack. They see the BT jack as an old *clunky* technology that never works. It is uncool and backwards to them.

As to your issue in the airline with the cable breaking, as I said above, I agree! That’s a problem, but today, right now, what is the solution? As much as you’d like to have the world be cableless, BT is far from a perfect solution. Pairing your phone to a rental car’s BT is still *horrible*. THAT is the world I live in. I will gladly admit that Apple’s EarPods are amazing and they clearly work well for iPhone7 users. Good for them. I’m saying that you shouldn’t confuse a clever custom design solution for sub-economy with the rest of the world. Would it be nice if the rest of the world caught up? Of course, I’ll be listening quietly on my nice headphones while you try and make it work…