Tell me- do you have any trouble voting in Alberta?
Patrick Moctezuma

No problem voting in Alberta though the Province did have 44 years of Conservative Party rule that ran through most of the oil boom years which caused people to equate Conservatives with a robust economy and just skip voting. I think the good money years made people stupid, inattentive to politics and unaware that education matters. Anyone could get a job, why get trained?

The boom ended, lower skilled jobs disappeared right away, and the jobs that are coming back are more complex. The interesting thing I’ve noticed is not that there are no jobs, or that the jobs require super sophisticated skill sets, but that entry level people have no clue how to learn. When jobs were easy to get, education wasn’t seen as needed and now, with lower tax revenues from oil royalties, the schools can’t “waste” money on learning to think.

As for voter suppression: The irony is that “protecting” whites by restricting membership of blacks in society seems to lead to a sense of privilege that softens the white brain. If people feel they deserve a job they won’t train, pay education taxes and then simply can’t DO the jobs they think they deserve.

All that said, yes there are lots of bad people who voted for Trump. They are going to be sorry they were so dumb to follow him? Might be. More likely though, we will all get used to the new normal of dumbness.

I prefer the idea of not even imagining voter suppression as something a grown citizen would consider. So how do we reconnect with people we don’t like? We don’t have the luxury of ignoring so many people.