You are your subject
Jonas Ellison

Yesterday I was visiting with some friends when I randomly showed them a cool pocket knife. I collect them and it’s my current favorite. It’s unique and I showed them why as I described the vacation I was on when I found it.

On my way home one of my friends texted me asking where he could find that knife online because he wanted to get one for his son’s birthday.

I “sold” that knife by talking about my trip and how fun it was finding such an unusual knife. I was sharing a cool experience and it made people want to share that experience. If I had walked up to my friends with the intent of selling a knife, they would have scattered in disdain.

To your point, my cool vacation experience was the subject matter, not the knife.

Another important point — storytelling is the key to killer content. Whether you like it or not, you won’t be able to forget this knife story for quite a while.

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