i18n #36

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As part of its S-1 filling for an upcoming IPO, Snapchat’s numbers show that international growth slowed for the second half of last year. At the end of 2016, it had 68 million daily active users in North America, 52 million in Europe and 39 million in the rest of the world. LINK

Breitbart still hasn’t launched their proposed sites in either France or Germany; in France, a student activist is squatting on a bunch of possible Breitbart domains. LINK

The innovateAFRICA fund has chosen 22 digital projects — focused on fake news, war reporting and watchdog media — for $1 million in grants. LINK

El Pais in Spain is fighting fake news with a new blog dedicated to debunking, called Hechos (facts). LINK

In the UK, Parliament is launching an investigation into fake news, focusing on Facebook, based in part on BuzzFeed’s reporting. LINK

Indonesia’s highest Islamic council is going to issue a proclamation declaring fake news to be un-Islamic. LINK

More on the New York Times’ aims in Australia: Bureau chief Damien Dave says, “Somebody asked me, ‘Whose market share are you trying to steal?’ That’s not really how we’re thinking about this. We think we can add something to what’s already here. This isn’t a criticism of the journalism already here, but we think there’s demand for and interest in the journalism the Times does.” LINK


The latest cover of Der Spiegel is something to behold. Artist Edel Rodriguez, who created the illustration, tells the Washington Post, “I was 9 years old when I came [to the US}, so I remember it well, and I remember the feelings and how little kids feel when they are leaving their country….it bothers me a lot that little children are being kept from coming to this country.” LINK