i18n: Weekly global media reads

Every week or so, I send out a roundup of links, images and other HTML of note about trends and ideas in global digital media. I’m going to start posting these updates on Medium, but if you’d prefer them in email form, you can subscribe here: bit.ly/i18n_newsletter


This week, the New York Times said goodbye to the International New York Times and hello to the New York Times, International Edition. The shift is more than just a semantic change, as Joshua Benton write in Nieman Lab: “No longer will there be a single, separate ‘global’ Times homepage (inyt.com or international.nytimes.com) for non-U.S. readers. Instead, all readers will now be directed to the main NYTimes.com site — but the paper promises some degree of geotargeted personalization, so readers in Asia might see a different story mix than readers in Europe (or the U.S.).” LINK

Nieman Lab also has a conversation with Bloomberg’s new global head of digital innovation. LINK

Livestreaming has emerged as a dominant video trend in China, and theAndreessen Horowitz blog has a BuzzFeed-style list of observations about what that means. LINK

China’s also leading the world when it comes to adoption of VR. LINK

Apple CEO Tim Cook, meanwhile, is a bigger fan of AR than VR, tellingBuzzFeed News, “there’s no substitute for human contact.” LINK [Ed note: This was a fun one — we simultaneously ran this interview on BuzzFeed inJapanese, English, Portuguese and Spanish.]

This is a chilling report from the founder of Rappler, one of the biggest digital publications in the Philippines, about how political advocacy trolls have created an online propaganda machine there. LINK

Discovery invested $100 million this week in a new media company that merges NowThis Media — known for its growing Facebook video presence — with Thrillist, the Dodo and two of its existing digital properties. LINK


Pinterest now has 150 million global users, and more than half of them outside the U.S., and over 75% of new users are global. And with 70 million users in the U.S., Pinterest is likely bigger now than Twitter (roughly 66 million). LINK


Lydia Polgreen: @lpolgreen is the Editorial Director of NYT Global, a former reporter and sharp transnational thinker who’s aiming to bring the New York Times to the world.


World Airport Wifi Map: This Google Map, also available as an app (iPhone & Android), displays a regularly updated list of networks IDs and passwords to be found in airports around the world, as well as tips for the best places to sit for strong wifi.