What I had to do to get the Amazon Dash Hack to work on Windows
Gad Berger

i appear to be having the the same problem as Karen. I click the button and nothing shows command window.

I have looked at my Router information and found the mac address. I put the mac address in the top section of the script. still nothing.

Then i sued the script lines you listed below and found that my ethernet adapter is listed as:

{u’\\Device\\NPF_{4D315574-B992–4155-B313-FBFDF8A61B06}’: u’Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller’}

I changed the last line of dash.py and replaced *ethernet* with “Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller” and still no response.

I know the Dash is connecting to the wifi. On the router I see that it gets an IP address and can ping the ip only when the led is on, on the dash. It fails when the led is off and gets ping responses right after i push the button.

something in the python is not capturing the button push. Any help would be appreciated

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