So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

Seems pretty simple. Either FastCompany was lying when they said “Paul McDonald, who spent 13 years as a product manager at Google, wants to make this corner store a thing of the past.” or you’re lying when you say “Are we trying to put corner stores out of business? Definitely not.”

Which is it? Also, thanks for defining Bodega for me. What would this white guy who used to live in Brooklyn and now lives in South Florida know about a word like that. Hey, while I’m at it, what does cafecito mean again? And hola. Definitely not sure about that one. Also, when someone calls you an ignorant gringo, is that a compliment?

Although I will hold out the possibility I’m just an idiot and completely aren’t getting what you’re doing. I mean, I’m no “branding” person.

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