changing views on large phones

not to long ago I told myself that I’d never want a phone with a screen bigger then 5 inches. 5.2 was pushing it. yet now that Google has released the nexus 6 I’ve slowly but sure began to reconsider. my mom has a note 2 and my fiance has a note 3 and I’ve recently spend more time using and working with those phones then I had in the past. I’ve also recently acquired a nook hd. the nook is a nice enough tablet and considering it was free it really does the job good enough. how ever I’ve been considering a nexus 7. although i have nova launcher on the nook. i really crave a more aosp experience like on my nexus 5. and i could also benefit from the extra ram offered by the nexus 7. while using the nook hd and the notes I’ve come to appreciate the bigger screens more. another thing that changed my view was Taylor Martin’s follow up review of the Sony xperia z ultra (Google play edition). this video was one of the biggest reasons I initially started changing my view on large phones. I began to see that maybe a phone this size could replace my phone and tablet all in one shot.

for about a month after I saw this video i really wanted the Google play edition xperia z ultra. but then google revealed the nexus 6. not only was it roughly the same size…but the specs were better in almost every way and its a Motorola. I’ve always had a soft spot for Motorola phones and I was a big fan of the first and second generation moto x. in fact I almost bought the first gen moto x instead of the nexus 5. but ultimately decided to settle on the slightly cheaper and slightly better specs of the nexus 5 (a decision I don’t regret at all). I do look forward to getting lollipop on my nexus 5 and even if I do get the nexus 6 I will likely keep my nexus 5 around. but at this point I’m probably going to get a new nexus 6 after Christmas….unless t-mobile can lure me into financing one through them first…..but time will tell.

Originally published at on January 15, 2015.

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