The Case for Black Mormons.
Kwaku El

A powerful essay. I grew up in the Bahamas, right after the ban was lifted, and I can attest to the racist attitudes of some fellow LDS that were living there. I thank God my parents taught me the view that blacks were “less valiant” in the premortal life was repugnant and without merit. I think of the faithful black members that embraced the gospel and had this wisdom to see past it’s flawed messengers. When I think of those that have been hurt by the wicked traditions of the fathers seeping into LDS culture (and this into mormon doctrine) it breaks my heart. We can see it in how blacks were treated, in how the view of suicide being unforgivable, and in treating homosexual immorality as somehow worse than any other immorality- all these doctrines seeped through western religious culture into being taught as “restored” truth. Nothing new under the sun.

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