#HackingHoax — Share This ‘Nation’ Article Every Day Until The Intel Community Addresses It
Caitlin Johnstone

That’s exactly right, this smokescreen is “crumbling”. Now make the leap to the suppression of the biggest story of the century: Assassinated DNC voter data analyst Seth Rich was the leaker. Seymour Hersh disclosed FBI sources confirming the victim’s laptop had the emails and evidence of contact with WikiLeaks. FOX published the story on May 16th 2017. Then mysteriously retracted it the day after Newt Gingrich took the story mainstream; and the same day Hannity was forced to cancel his broadcast on the subject. Why has the entire MSMedia buried this bombshell story? Why haven’t any establishment politicians asked any questions? It is inconceivable the answer is out of respect for Seth Rich’s survivors. Seth Rich is dead, and so is Russia-gate. Now on with the real investigation over who killed the DNC leaker while the emails were still secret from the public. Ka Boom!